Why an Energy & Water Health Check through CostAdvice can benefit your business?

We understand as Energy Prices are continuing to rise, your Annual Budgets may now see a huge shortfall. With current indications pointing to sustained and continued high prices it may be worthwhile to see if there are other avenues to reduce costs.

To help with businesses during these challenging times, CostAdvice are offering a no obligation health check & review of your historical energy & water Invoices, to see if there are avenues to make savings on your accounts, or to reclaim any overpayments on the Underlying Costs.

What are the benefits of a CostAdvice energy & water health check?

Did you know that not all business energy & water agreements are the same?

There are so many different commercial business agreements, that its very possible you may not be on the best one for your businesses needs.  Certain agreements may allow for flexible purchases of energy throughout the duration, and also may not be fixed for the period in question.

Not all businesses should be charged the same costs.

Depending on your businesses circumstances, you maybe eligible for a reduction in the overall cost of your energy & water invoices.  A certain number of these charges could also, potentially, be eligible for a backdated refund.

Our health-check looks deeper than just looking at your rates.

Although your invoices may look correct and accurate against the agreement secured, it maybe possible a number of underlying charges have been over estimated or budgeted.  Furthermore, there may also be errors in the implementation of your agreement that will need to be rectified.

You may have been overpaying on your invoices without realising.

The common misconception is locating historical savings for businesses is like finding a needle in a haystack, however this isn’t the case, with an average of 50% overpaying for their energy, even if they use another broker or consultant, due to underlying costs.

We recently identified £30,000 of savings for an Education Academy Trust, who were already being looked after by a broker.

With no commitment, and nothing to lose, but potentially thousands of pounds to gain, isn’t it worth investigating?

How do we proceed?

With only minimal information required, CostAdvice will be happy to progress on your behalf.

To proceed, or if you have any further questions, please contact Daniel Walker on 01246 252788 or by e-mail at daniel.walker@costadvice.co.uk and he will be happy to help.