Metering & Data Solutions

Is your meter right for you?

When taking over a new site or upgrading a supply, we help clients ensure the electricity or gas meter is right for your needs, or arrange the installation of a new commercial gas or electricity meter.

If your meter is too small for what you need, you might find yourself not being able to work at full capacity. If it’s too large, you’ll be paying more in metering charges than necessary. So it’s really important the meter you have on site is just right for you.

If there’s no meter on site at all, or it’s a new build, you’ll need a meter to be installed before you can commission any gas equipment or switch the lights on. By speaking to us we can help establish what kind of meter you need and arrange the installation.

Data analysis and consumption reporting

With Half Hourly data and AMR gas or electricity meters, understanding your energy consumption and finding opportunities to reduce consumption has never been easier.

If you have a Half Hourly electricity meter, we may even be able to provide monthly consumption reports at no charge

Request a FREE sample report by talking to us on 0800 040 70 90, or contact us by email.

Half Hourly meters

If your electricity is half-hourly metered, you’ll have an appointed Meter Operator responsible for maintaining that meter.

You may pay for this via your supply contract, and if so may be paying too much.

We’re often able to reduce meter operator costs by up to 50%, so contact us to request a free analysis.