Energy Procurement

We make comparing energy prices easy

Not all suppliers offer the same prices, and often have very different contract terms.

Our job is to find you the best offer that suits your business, whether you focus on price, consumption limitations or billing procedures, we’ll help guide you to making the best decision to suit your company.

Our supplier network includes around 20 different licensed commercial electricity and gas suppliers, so you can be sure we’re obtaining a wide range of prices for you to choose from. Our relationships include those of the ‘big six’ energy companies, but also a large number of smaller, independent suppliers.

With the growing number of various chargeable elements in electricity or gas, it’s important you know which parts are fixed, and which are variable. Comparing offers is not just about looking at the most competitive price at that time, it’s about ensuring the right contract is chosen that suits your appetite to risk.

Fixed prices

If budget certainty is important to your business, and you like minimal disruption to your normal business practices, perhaps a fully fixed offer is most suitable for you.

Many businesses choose this form of supply contract as it gives them freedom of choice amongst a great number of suppliers, a clear view of which suppliers are most competitive with simpler invoicing.

Flexible prices

If you would like the ability to secure energy prices over several purchasing decisions, rather than through one transaction, perhaps flexible pricing is right for you.

Being able to transact energy purchases in more than one decision allows businesses to spread the purchasing risk over numerous periods, yet it can involve more time spent reviewing the market by senior management and involve more complex invoicing.

Whichever your preferred method of purchasing, we’re here to help guide you and provide advice as to which may be best for you and your business.