What is a Blend & Extend Agreement, and is right for my business?

With Commercial Energy Prices continuing to be volatile, you may have been presented with a “Blend & Extend” Agreement, however is right for your business?

In these uncertain times, being offered a Blend & Extend Agreement maybe appealing, however is it the best option.  Watch our helpful video to help you decide:

Is there anything Commercial Businesses can do to reduce their Energy Costs?

With Wholesale Energy Prices remaining volatile, its vital for businesses to reduce costs where possible.  CostAdvice – Energy Specialists are here to help with our no obligation health check on all Commercial Energy Supplies.

Why is an energy health check important?

  • Not all Commercial Energy Agreements are the same.
  • Furthermore, not all businesses should be charged the same costs.
  • Our No Obligation heath-check looks deeper, than just your current charges and agreements.

We recently identified £10,000 of annual savings for a group of Museums that were already being looked after by another Energy Consultant.

To proceed, or for further information, please contact Daniel Walker on 01246 252788 or send him an e-mail to daniel.walker@costadvice.co.uk, whereby he will be happy to help.