UK Renewables found to have generated more Electricity than Gas, since September 2022.

A new independent analysis confirms, British-based renewable energy initiatives have overtaken natural gas as the primary generator of electricity over the winter period.

An independent review has confirmed from the beginning of October 2022, UK renewables, including solar, hydro and domestic wind initiatives produced 34TWh of Electricity, compared to 32TWh from Gas, a difference of 2TWh.

The analysis also found that domestic renewal initiatives have displaced as much as 16% of the UK’s entire annual gas imports, required to produce electricity, in just over 3 months.  An increase in renewable power generating electricity, reduces the amount of gas required, freeing quantities up for additional uses across the country.

Furthermore, the increase in generated power allows Britain, where there is a surplus, to become a net exporter of electricity.

Although the above is good news, the United Kingdom still relies on around 40% of gas for its power generation needs, and up to 85% of this fuel to heat homes, further underlying how we are more dependent on fossil fuels than our neighbours in Europe.

The analysis goes onto note that our countries demand for electricity will significantly increase in the coming years, and although new initiatives are in the pipeline to meet these requirements, including additional wind farms, many within the industry are highlighting that the infrastructure of our grid needs a major update to keep up.

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