Switching Water Retailers can save Businesses more money than you may think.

With gas and electricity prices continuing to remain volatile, it’s important for businesses to try and make savings where they can. By reviewing different retailers for your commercial water accounts, you maybe able to obtain greater savings than you may originally think.

In 2017, The Water Market for commercial customers in England was deregulated, allowing businesses the opportunity to switch retailers in the hope of cheaper prices and better customer service, however the systems in place make this very difficult to achieve.  Although Water Deregulation has been in place for Scottish businesses since 2011, the transition to allow English customers the same service has not been without problems.  Furthermore in Wales, deregulation is extremely limited to large commercial businesses who use in excess of 50 million litres of water per annum.  With difficult transferring processes, and problematic Customer Service experiences, switching providers can be an extremely frustrating and difficult, however CostAdvice are here to make it simple and easy for you.

What are the benefits of switching Water Retailers?

There are many benefits by switching Water Retailers, including:

You could potentially save money by transferring to another Water Retailer, with providers offering many different tariffs.

By transferring retailer, you may see improved customer service levels which may include a significant improvement in responses and more accurate invoicing.

You could potentially find a retailer that has experience of working with businesses in your industry, offering a more proactive approach to dealing with your problems.

You maybe able to take advantage of additional services offered by a different provider, in addition to the core supply of your Water and Wastewater services.

When transferring to another retailer, you could take advantage of consolidating your Water & Wastewater supplies to a single provider, minimising administration and invoice processing tasks within your business.

Upon completion, a comprehensive Water Audit will be carried out whereby historical accounts will be reviewed to see if there any rebates due to your business for a variety of reasons including Over/Under Payments, Leakages, Incorrect Readings, plus other areas will be reviewed.

 By reviewing your water accounts, different retailers tariffs and carrying out an overall audit, it is not uncommon to see an overall reduction of up to 18%, however the actual figure will vary depending on several factors, including current agreement status, location and volume of services.

How can CostAdvice Help?

We work with water retailers across the country ensuring we can provide the most competitive price for your supplies going forward.  We are also able to help with reviewing your Historical Accounts to ensure you have been paying the correct rates.  Furthermore, we can also help any queries you are dealing with as well as offering an Invoice Validation Service.  We would like to offer a No Obligation Review of your Businesses Water Supplies to see if we can make any savings on your current or historical accounts.

With no commitment, and nothing to lose, but potentially thousands of pounds to gain, isn’t it worth investigating? 

If you would like to proceed, or if you have any questions, please contact Daniel Walker on 01246 252788 or by e-mail to Daniel.walker@costadvice.co.uk, who will be happy to help