Russell Cooke


Russell manages a variety of clients, ranging from large property management companies in London to the local plumbers merchant, all of which receive the same high standard of customer care and attention. Prior to joining CostAdvice Russell acquired the knowledge needed to carry out his role during the 4 years he spent as an SME Consultant Account Manager at E.On.


Contract Negotiation: “It’s rewarding being able to report back to a client knowing you have negotiated the terms they require from a supplier. Suppliers can be tough to crack, but if the business is important to them there is always room to negotiate on the more intricate terms of a contract to suit the client’s needs.”


As a husband, and a father to a young boy, family time is important and entertaining for Russell. When set free he’s a keen sportsman, captaining Ashover Cricket Club 1st XI in the summer and partaking in a monthly round of golf with a local society. Having recently retired from a good standard of semi-professional football, he’s enjoying the more relaxed nature of the local pub league! A great group of friends ensures there are plenty of enjoyable social opportunities throughout the year.

Russell Cooke

Senior Energy Consultant