Lian Bond


Lian manages a diverse client portfolio ranging from sole trader publicans and restaurateurs, to a number of charitable organisations and Educational Institutes (Schools and Academies). Lian is striving to extend her portfolio helping her clients achieve ownership and financial control of their energy accounts, this has been achieved by consistently obtaining the very best energy rates available to deliver some fabulous cost benefits along the way.

Prior to joining CostAdvice Lian spent over 15 years working for Royal Mail Group Ltd, CSC and NG Bailey covering Co-ordination and Project Management roles.


Customer Service: “I treat all my clients in the way I like to be treated as a customer myself, and that’s as an individual, with understanding, time, great dedication and care. My client will always remain in control. My job is to negotiate the best deals for them as a business, to make their life easier, keep energy simple and ensure any transition is smooth.”


Lian is at her most relaxed at home with her husband and young daughter. She loves cooking and has a very social family and small circle of friends who regularly gather to enjoy catching up over a few drinks and some good food.

Lian is also keen on home interior design and decorating constantly looking for ways to keep her home welcoming and practical for her family’s needs.

Lian Bond

Senior Energy Consultant