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Although there are high levels of renewable energy generation across the United Kingdom, a recent study has highlighted concerns about a the amount of waste, due to a lack of capable storage facilities, necessitating an increased dependency on alternative methods.

Aug 1 2022 9:46 AM

A recent study has noted a failure to store renewable energy generated within the United Kingdom, has fuelled our dependence on imports and natural gas, with estimates showing a level of waste that would power half a million homes per day.

Since our current Energy Crisis began in September 2021, it is estimated the United Kingdom has wasted over 1,300gWh of generated wind power, which is the equivalent to powering 500,000 homes a day.  As a result of this, it has been established, the UK spends more money per year turning off Wind Farms, due to a lack of Capable Storage, and using Gas as a backup to generate electricity, with estimated costs of over £390 Million annually.

It has been highlighted, a significant increase in long-duration energy storage (LDES) would reduce our dependency on Natural Gas by 10 mega-tonnes by 2035, leading to an estimated saving for the grid of around £2billion a year.  Furthermore, it has been noted these changes will then see an increase of renewable energy powering 4 million homes and removing gas from the same amount of properties.

Is there anything Commercial Businesses can do to reduce their Energy Costs?

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Why is an energy health check important?

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