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Following Ofgem’s Targeted Charge Review (TCR), as of April 2022 the method in which Transmission & Distribution charges are applied to Half Hourly Electricity Meters is changing.

May 9 2022 8:55 AM

Following Ofgem’s Targeted Charged Review (TCR), we have detailed below the changes made and how it will affect Half Hourly Electricity Metered customers.

What has Changed?

Transmission charges for Half Hourly Electricity Meters were previously charged based on their demand on the network during the three highest peaks on the national system annually, between November & February, however this method was deemed unfair and distorted the market.

From this, the final period for the previous charging method was between November 2021 & February 2022.  Going forward, following the TCR review, all Half Hourly Meters will be banded and charged accordingly, based on your Agreed Supply Capacity and Voltage.

How will this affect my Business?

Due to these changes, Half Hourly Metered electricity customers will see an increase in their fixed standing charges, which could, depending on your Agreed Supply Capacity, see you paying significantly more than you do currently.

For many businesses these changes could lead to lower unit rates, however with higher fixed charges, any reductions maybe swallowed up by these increases.

This may lead to some customers being better or worse off, depending on their electricity consumption.

What can I do?

It is extremely important to ensure your Agreed Supply Capacity is accurate, to ensure you are not placed in the incorrect banding group.  Any inaccuracies could lead to you paying significantly more than you need to be.

CostAdvice – Energy Specialists are here to help with this.  For a free no obligation review of your Agreed Supply Capacity, please get in touch with Daniel Walker on 01246 252788, and he will be happy to help.