Alison works mainly with our bespoke system; ERIC, a vital part of our business, ensuring that clients' invoices are correct and that any problems are escalated accordingly. This experience provides Alison with an excellent attention to detail and the ability to identify and resolve any issues that many competitors may not even notice.

Prior to Joining Cost Advice, Alison worked within the energy industry for 6 years, at multiple suppliers. During this time Alison gained a wide knowledge of the industry on both gas and electricity sides, this benefits her work here at Cost Advice and improves her Invoice verification abilities.



Attention to detail: “The ability to accurately and carefully examine invoices and contracts is a vital part of any business. There is nothing more satisfying than finding problem and seeing it through to resolution, especially if that means it is benefiting your client. Smooth and efficient relationships between clients and the business are key.”



Outside of work Alison enjoys spending time with her Fiancé, her family and her pet rabbit, Misty. She enjoys days out to theme parks and going for walks.

Previously Alison played Ice Hockey and still likes to go ice skating from time to time. Her happy place is by the seaside and she likes to take trips to the seaside whenever possible.