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Our quick guide to unmetered electricity supplies

Apr 25 2017 12:08 PM

What are unmetered electricity supplies?

To put it plainly, they are electricity supplies with no meter.

How do I know the usage?

Your Electricity Distribution Board keep a record of all the equipment connected to that supply point.  They will be able to take the power rating and the hours of operation and calculate an annual consumption.  These are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure the calculations remain correct and the equipment list and ratings remain correct.

How are unmetered supplies billed?

They are normally billed on a monthly basis.  They tend to attract a smaller standing charge as the equiment is most often street lighting or street furniture of some kind.

Can I reduce usage and costs?

Simply turning the street lighting off will not reduce your bill in any way.  If the hours of operation are reduced, you must inform your DNO so they can recalculate the lower usage – only then will your bills reduce.

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