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If you regularly exceed your Agreed Supply Capacity, you may start to see increased charges on your electricity bills from April 2018.

Nov 22 2017 3:25 PM

From April 2018, electricity Distributors are starting to impose greater penalties on those companies who exceed their Agreed Supply Capacity.

Please read our guide here about how the changes may affect your company.

What is an Agreed Supply Capacity?

The ASC is the amount of power which your site is permitted to draw from the grid without penalty. You could think of this as a 'reserved capacity'. 

If you regularly exceed your Agreed Supply Capacity, for the amount of power you draw above your agreed amount, you will see the rates are much higher.

What can we do?

If your excess is regularly high, you may wish to revise your Agreed Supply Capacity with your electricity Distributor to be more in line with your actual demand. 

This could save you a lot of money, compared to paying excess capacity charges on a regular basis.

Please contact us to discuss further or if you need any assistance.